Healthy Organic Chocolate Cupcakes

Healthy Organic Chocolate Cupcakes
(Butter/margarine/preservative/coloring/flavoring FREE, low sugar, light & moist). AVAILABLE FOR ORDER NOW.

Healthy Organic Chocolate Cake

Healthy Organic Chocolate Cake

Saturday, March 8, 2014

More random bakes and cookings….


Homemade Hakka " Yong Tau Fu"

Kuih Bahlu in the shape of the famous madelaines.

Chinese Pan Cakes

Freshly roasted BBQ
 Chinese Sesame Balls

 Assorted Buns

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Some random cookings and bakes over time…...

 Salted Egg York Crab

Vietnamese Beef Pho….even the " pho"  was homemade…. :)

Delicious Chewy Bagels

"Ham Chim Peng " - my childhood favorite

Another exciting year is about to begin…..

God is gracious! He nurtures us, He molds us, He puts us through trials but never too great that we could not shoulder. Waiting in anticipation can be the greatest joy in life if we remain faithful.  Praise the Lord! Amen!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Year 2013

The year 2013 is coming to an end soon. There have been numerous changes in various aspects. Overall, I feel that they are good changes.  Many would fear changes. The unknown is a black hole.  For me, as long as I have peace, I know that God is by my side and I would have nothing to fear. This is how I am walking my path, a path of absolute faith.

All, especially the children are so looking forward to the completion of N. A pool at the door step, almost a private pool, a private lift within and direct access to a mall.

As for L, he has gotten his new wheels and would be contented for a moment, I hope.

Me, I am happy with the children. The number is growing and I know, in His timing, it will be perfect. Amen !

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Long overdue post

Been kind of busy for the past few months. With many things small and big. The kids , the pre-school and its expansion plan, housing etc.

The kids are doing fine. E will be joining his jie jie in the same school next year. He is a big boy now, no longer the chubby little baby I used to carry and lug along wherever I went. The precious nine months of nursing built this wonderful bond. He is still cute and is certainly quick on his toes,

E " mummy, can I watch for another 20 minutes?"
Me " give me a good reason for extending your tv time!"
E " that I have more time to think about what to write for my compo. I will think as I watch "

Hahahaa.... You reckon so?

N is equally cheeky.

N " I have something to announce. I will not be bringing my text books back from school until 4 weeks later. They are so heavy to be carried around."
Me" then how are you going to revise your work.?"
N" I will bring them back 4 weeks later during the exam week. "

Omg! I just rolled my eyes.

The pre school has stabilized and it is on good track. Second one to be born soon. Praise The Lord.

Somehow, the thought of looking for a bigger place resurfaced ( by the kids). They have been asking for a bigger place since last year so all sorts of invalid reasons. To be truthful, our present accommodation is fairly large by Singapore's standard, sitting on almost 1500sf. Still, the kids are not quite contented. So, we looked and looked. Finally, we thought we quite like this particular place. 2400sf, private pool, private lift. Well, we threw in an offer and we prayed about it. If it is meant to be, then it will be ours. We are awaiting a response from the developer. If we don't get it, we know God has something better for us. Amen!